5GBioShield USB Key provides protection for  your home and family,  thanks to the wearable holographic nano-layer catalyser, which can be worn or placed near to a smartphone or any other electrical, radiation or EMF emitting device.

The 5GBioShield USB Key with the nano-layer is a quantum holographic catalyzer technology for the balance and harmonisation of the harmful effects of imbalanced electric radiation. The nano-layer operating diameter is either 8 or 40 meters.

The 5GBioShield USB Key is resulting from research of several decades in multiple countries. The active key operating diameter shields and harmonizes a complete family home.

5GBioShield USB Key


ships worldwide


  • quantum biological shielding technology
  • protecting your home and family

3x 5GBioShield USB Key


ships worldwide


  • quantum biological shielding technology
  • protecting your home and family

Quantum Oscillation

Through a process of quantum oscillation the 5GBioShield USB Key balances and reharmonizes the disturbing frequencies arising from the electric fog induced by devices, such as laptops, cordless phones, wifi, tablets, etc.

Restoring Coherence of Atoms

The 5GBioShield USB Key restores the coherence of the geometry of the atoms, which allows a perfect induction for life forces, by (re-) creating a cardiac coherence, via plasmic support and interactivity.

Emitting Life Force Frequencies

  • The 5GBioShield USB Key emits a large number of life force frequencies favoring a general revitalization of the body, adjusting them according to the absorption capacity of each respective individual.


the most advanced full-spectrum quantum nano-layer shielding technology is now available to the public

An impenetrable shielding and harmonisation of your home and family from all harmful imbalanced electric radiation (incl. 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI)


Laki Master

Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, Res. Prof.

Research Professor Ilija Lakicevic has dedicated his life to discover self and true concepts and laws of creation. He has worked at institutions as reputable as the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics. At the end of 2000, he left all organized and structured institutions and organizations and began his own independent research. After 10 years he discovered the truth about the human being and true universal concepts and Laws of Creation (unknown and unpublished until recently by himself in International Journal of Science and Research, October Issue 2019) – concepts and laws which can be applied to remediate all primary imbalances facing humanity and our planet. As pioneer of the New Energy physics, in 2006 he successfully demonstrated transformation of the quality (degree of centeredness) of the microwave radiation of a cell-phone using a self-created multilayered structure without any electric and  electronic components (i.e.: nano-layer) in the form of a holographic patch. This new technology which he calls ‘I-Change’ has been certified by the Hado Life Institute of the famous Dr. Masaru Emoto and some other independent measurements.


Jacques Bauer

Clinical Pharmacist, specialised in environmental health, Jacques Bauer worked for a couple of years in the pharmaceutical industry as Clinical Research Associate on both Immune System and Central Nervous System. Because of his interest in the immune system, Jacques specialized in nutritional immunology, psycho-neuro-immunology, quantum biology and the impact of electromagnetic waves on the immune system. Jacques works in two major integrative medicine centers: in the Colombier Prevention and Health Center, Switzerland (www.cpsinfo.ch) and the Institute for Alternative Care and Holistic Therapies, Belgium (www.isahe.com). He worked as an ambassador for a Swiss research group, which is collaborating with universities in 3 countries to convert harmful frequencies into a revitalization field favorable for the human body. In 2019 Jacques joined Humanitad & NewEarth University. He is co-founder of New Earth University of Character and Knowledge, dedicated to restoration of the balance and teaching the knowledge to the world.