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Case Study

1) New science concepts about the electro-smog effects and radiation balance

In our civilization is emerging new science based on knowledge, whereas the official (old) science is based on information. We get information through our senses which are dual and deliver us an inverted picture of the truth and consequently, information is the opposite of knowledge so that all the old scientific concepts are therefore the upside down of the true concepts. One can find the true concepts in my recent publications:

I understand that electro-smog is made of so many different oscillations of various intensities which originate from so many different man-made sources and consist of so many different frequencies.

Let me begin with very harsh statement: ALL man made radiation in this civilization is imbalanced! Why?

This is a really harsh statement and it is the truth.

In order to confirm this statement and to answer this question properly, we have to understand and accept that one of the primary laws of creation, as shared by Tesla, is the law of ORDER.

“As a bit of digression, when you search into phenomena – whether it is the phenomena of physics, music, art, human physiology or whatever – and get beyond the physical forms, energies and activities, you eventually arrive at the inner essence. Then, behind this essence is something even deeper or more fundamental, more profound – the wondrous Father as we most lovingly refer to this Creator of creators. You find that everything is the handiwork of the Creative Force of the whole universe – The Creation Itself, in a manner of reference, one of the primary Laws of which is “order”. It is a most orderly universe and when areas are unbalanced by chaos, order must be restored.

In an orderly universe everything hangs together and works together, somehow. Life appears chaotic only to the inexperienced eye or ear – the eye that does not see and the ear that does not hear. The universe is most orderly; in fact – the whole of Creation, really, is a beautiful mathematical creation. I would call it a mathematical or geometric creation. Someone more poetic might even call it a musical creation – with wonderful balance of harmonic frequencies.”

The second simple fact we have to understand and accept is that Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla knew the truth about atoms and particles. Namely, they knew that atoms consist of light rings spinning around the centering point where the Creator (or God, or Spirit, or Mind) sits and centers the atoms from the inside. They knew that electrons are the expanding light rings spinning around the centering Mind point and that protons are the compressing light rings spinning around the centering Mind point. This is the true ATON concept of cell, atom and particle which I have proved experimentally and the results have been published here: They knew also that any radiation consist of electrons – the expanding light rings spinning around the centering Mind point.

Now, if the light rings are spinning around the geometric center of a circle, that radiation is balanced and causes balanced effects according to the universal Law of Action and Reaction and the principle of resonance.

The opposite effect is when the light rings are spinning around the center which is shifted from the geometric center of a circle – that radiation is imbalanced and causes imbalanced effects, according to the universal law of Action and Reaction and the resonance principle.

When the light rings are spinning around the geometric center of a circle (black point 1 in the center of the black circle 1 in the middle of the Figure), the cells are balanced. However when the center of the spinning light rings is shifted out of the geometric center of a circle so that spinning occurs around two centers instead of one center (blue point 2 in the center of dashed-dot blue circles 2 in the Figure, where only four of these dashed-dot circles are shown) it causes imbalances in a cell’s structure.

The question is WHY and HOW does this happen? How and why does the center of the spinning light rings move out of the geometric center of a circle?

This question can ONLY be answered correctly if we start from the truth that we human beings are CONSCIOUSNESS. We are eternal mental beings and there is NO death! We create material things mentally through imagination or the process of thinking. Tesla expressed it with the following thoughts:

“…realization about the inner nature of men and women – that they are spiritual beings and that all the phenomena of human behavior can be traced back to a spiritual core. This core is the real center of your life force, the real cause of our good ideas, our noble and loving thoughts, our involvement in life, and all the varied expressions of our humanity in daily living. When you can understand that, you are dealing with the essence of human psychology – the essence of all ideas about human behavior, sickness and wholeness as projected by that idea of behavior. To clarify a bit further, your experience of the idea of your central spiritual nature would be the realization that you are spirit living in physical body. The force of that idea is your spirit, but the experience of that idea is a realization.”

In simple words, any radiation consists of the expanding light rings in the centers of which sits the spirit of the creator of that radiation. In the case of human creations, human spirit is sitting in the center of every piece of what is created. So a human can create a love song, or a heavy metal song and the spirit of the song will be recorded in the position of the zero point.

The centering Spirit “hears” each human creator’s thoughts (the CREATOR IS ACTUALLY SITTING in the center of every piece of her/his creation) and reacts accordingly. IF the human creator’s INTENT is in harmony with God’s Love law of equal giving and re-giving (GOOD intent), this will cause the light rings to spin around the geometric center of a circle, producing a balanced effect.

The opposite effect happens when a human creator’s INTENT is in disharmony with God’s law of equal giving and re-giving. This represents BAD intent and a breach of God’s love principle, an example being when we demand INTEREST and take more than we give. In this case, the centering Spirit causes the spinning of the light rings to act as if they were spinning around a center which is shifted from the geometric center – in other words it causes imbalanced radiation. The question of HOW Spirit can do this is obsolete because Spirit is OMNIPOTENT! (This is one of the secrets of Creation).

The conclusion is that radiation from any electric device in this civilization is either balanced (if the intent of its creator is GOOD); or imbalanced (if the intent of its creator is BAD). It is known, furthermore, that electric current produces an electric field (radiation) which is propagating around the conducting wire so that anywhere where the electric current exists it creates radiation fields – in other words radiation is an effect of the cause, which is electric current.

The American businessman JP Morgan had financed the initial phase of the Wardenclyffe tower, believing it was going to be a huge power plant as Nikola Tesla (the inventor of AC current) had promised. However, Tesla left out the final stage of his plan and when Morgan found out Tesla was planning on the “wireless distribution of power through the world” he backed out of his contract with Tesla and thus the tower was never completed. Actually Tesla was going to give free energy to the world and JP Morgan canceled their contract so that Tesla had to sell the towers for scrap to pay off his loans and even had a mental breakdown over it. It prevented the manifestation of Tesla’s dream of free energy at that time.

Here is JP Morgan’s response to Tesla’s idea:

“Mr. Tesla I am not in the business of providing the world with free power. If I cannot put a meter on it, or sell it by the pound, the gallon, or the barrel I am not interested in funding it.”

“If we went with Mr. Tesla’s plan we would be reduced to only selling antennas!”

“What Mr. Tesla doesn’t know is that I also own or control most of the copper mines in this country. The only people buying copper are putting up wires. Why on Earth would I allow his wireless invention to shut down whole industries that I control and that make me money!”


No wonder that since that time all man-made radiation in this civilization has been ‘blessed” from within with the ‘anti-God’ intent of JP Morgan and of all those who have been accepting and practicing the same ways.

However Tesla said to JP Morgan:
“You may have the Present, but I will have the Future!”
The “Future” is NOW!


In homage to Nikola Tesla, it is our highest task to offer the world a solution that is in full coherence with his work.

It is clear now that the challenge of balancing radiation lies in replacing the bad intent with the good intent, or in replacing JP Morgan’s ‘taking’ intent with ‘Tesla’s ‘giving’ intent.

Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell were greatly connected and Tesla told Russell that his work was too early for Man’s proper acceptance and handling thereof. He suggested Russell put away great portions of the work until mankind could ready itself. THAT WAS DONE AND IS COMING FORTH IN THIS NEW ERA! WE ARE READY!

Let me now simplify the issue of the electro-smog effects. Because all vibrations of electro-smog are imbalanced, they must cause imbalanced effects on living cells (which are made of compressing-expanding light rings). Due to the well-known resonance effect, the imbalanced radiation, that is electro-smog, causes changes in the frequencies of cell vibrations. These changes in frequencies imminently cause changes in pressure and changes in temperature. Consequently all effects of electro-smog are thermal effects – there are NO so-called ‘non-thermal’ effects of the electro-smog.

The same reasoning can be applied to any imbalanced radiation, including microwave radiation (3G, 4G, 5G).

Welcome to the era of the new science based on knowledge and new technology of conscious manifestation I-Change.

2) The effects on Water

Samples of water exposed to precursors (prototyping) of the nano-layers created by Dr. Lakicevic

‘As pioneer of the New Energy physics, in 2006 I successfully demonstrated transformation of the quality (degree of centeredness) of the microwave radiation of a cell-phone using a self-created multilayered structure without any electronic components (ie: nano-layer foils) in the form of a holographic device. This new phenomenon which I call ‘Wave Field Centeredness’ (WFC) has been certified by the Hado Life Institute of the renowned Dr. Masaru Emoto.’ (photographed here)

The test procedure of the final product has been carried out in three following steps:

  • First, a water sample is taken and its crystal structure recorded by application of Masaru Emoto’s technique. The result is shown in Sample 3 from which it is obvious that the chosen water itself was unbalanced, since it originated from the mountain where a high content of heavy metals lead and zink has been documented.
  • Second, an another sample of the water from the same source has been irradiated by the microwave radiation of a radiating device for the time of five minutes and its crystal structure recorded by application of the Masaru Emoto’s technique. The result is shown in Sample 2 from which it is abvious that the degree of imbalance in this case is much higher then in the first case, as a logical consequence of the acting of the imbalanced microwaves.
  • Third, a new sample of the water from the same source has been treated as in the second case with the only difference that the nano-layer was pasted on the radiating device itself. The result is shown in Sample 1 from which it is obvious that the water has become balanced, what is reflected in its crystal structure which is turned into hexagonal form, similar to a snow-flake, what is the final and indisputable proof that the method developed was working excellent and that the final product is not only preventing all possible hazardous effects of the microwave radiation of the radiating devices, but also is bringing already unbalanced living cells back into perfect balance.

3) The effects on Blood

Based on the teaching of Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein (1872-1968), known for his research and hypothesis on the pleomorphism of micro-organism, pleomorphism meaning the interaction of cells, viruses and bacteria with another and their transformation in different forms and discovery of the so called sickle cells (Pauling L, Itano HA, Singer SJ, Wells IC., Sickle cell anemia, a molecular disease. Science 110: 543 (1949), the Dark-Field Microscopy is used in the Health and Prevention Center in Colombier ( to observe and evaluate vital blood. Vital blood meaning a fresh drop of blood, right after it was taken from the tip of a finger. A magnification of up to 1000x allows to clearly observe the blood cells and their movements (red and white blood cells etc.). Many important indications and information can be gained from the visible form, size, shape and position of the blood components. With the help of a high-end microscope camera, you will be able to follow on a screen the examination and evaluation of your blood with your own eyes in real-time.

The effects of a high frequency electric field in the microwave range on red blood cells are presented in: Scientific Reports | 7: 10798 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-11288-9, The Hong Phong Nguyen1, Vy T. H. Pham1, Vladimir Baulin2, Rodney J. Croft3,4, Russell J. Crawford5 & Elena P. Ivanova14:

Baseline (no EMF)

As we can see, the red blood cells are harmoniously arranged in this representative live blood sample, as observed under a dark-field microscope. Their structure is uniformly rounded and they move freely inside the sample.

Blood Affected by EMF

Picture of a female patient permanently exposed to microwave radiations of a Cell Phone for years. The red blood cells begin to change shape by taking a somewhat flattened shape (sickle cells); one can see a strong agglutination of the red cells. This can lead to a clot cerebral (thrombus) which results in the manifestation of a possible cerebral stroke.

Balance restored by 5GBioShield

With the balancing presence of the 5GBioShield key created by Prof. Lakicevic, one can clearly see that the red blood cells have recovered their original rounded shape within a couple of minutes, that they remain separated from each other and that they are again distributed uniformly in the blood sample, which is a sign of functionality and vitality found again.

The reason for appearance of the sickle cells is the resonance effect between incoming imbalanced microwave radiation and the cells themselves which consist of compressing-expanding light rings spinning around the centering universal Mind zero point which is source of energy and from which the light rings borrow energy in order to spin. The following blood sample is taken from the lobe of the ear, and the results observed confirm the results already obtained by 5GBioShield lead clinical research associate Jacques Bauer in previous similar experiments carried out at the Pierre and Marie Curie Institute of Paris in 2012 and 2013:

Here is what Dr. Prof Lakicevic is saying about the applied results:

‘Applying the WFC I’ve developed the Tesla Radiation Balancer – the genuine product in form of a self-adhesive sticker certified by the Hado Life Institute of Dr. Masaru Emoto which 100% balances radiation from any device, if attached to it, protecting human body and environment from its harmful effects and eliminating with time damages already caused by the radiation.

It can be successfully applied to: cell phones, computers, laptops, microwave ovens, cordless phones, tablets, wireless monitors, Wi-Fi routers, TV-sets, Radios, and any other source of radiation.’

4) The effects on Biological Systems

Standard reactions of a human organism to the 5GBioShield USB Key

It is interesting to notice that governmental offices start to have an increased interest on this latter kind of effects (= non thermal). Here is for example an official statement from the Federal Office For Environment in Switzerland:

( )


Unknown health risks (impacts)

The effect of non-ionising radiation on humans depends on the intensity and frequency of the radiation.

Very intensive low-frequency radiation can trigger nerve impulses and involuntary muscle contractions, while intensive high-frequency radiation can cause tissue warming. Internationally applicable limit values provide protection against levels of exposure that trigger such effects.

Various studies present evidence of biological effects, however, including in the case of weak radiation exposure below these limit values. For example, weak high-frequency radiation can alter electric brain activity and influence brain metabolism and blood flow. Whether these effects have an impact on health is still unclear.

According to the studies carried out up to now, short- to medium-term health impacts should not be expected from exposure to weak non-ionising radiation. There is no definitive answer, however, concerning the impacts of long-term exposure. For example, it is suspected that weak low-frequency radiation increases the risk of leukaemia in children. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified both low-frequency and high-frequency radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

In addition, some people firmly believe that they suffer from impaired well-being and health impacts due to very weak radiation. Ways of helping so-called electrosensitive persons are only beginning to emerge.

Nearby mobile radio antennas or high-voltage lines can also reduce the value of properties because their radiation is perceived as a risk.

Here is an interesting summary of the biological effects of electrosmog on human bodies:

‘Non thermal effects and mechanisms of interaction between EMF and living matter: a selected Summary’ ICEMS, eds. Guiliani, L. & Soffritti, M.: Ramazzini Institute, European J of Oncology, Library, Vol. 5, 2010.

You can download it here.

The biological effects of electromagnetic waves, mainly those that come from 5G, are the most crucial to evaluate and measure in order to have a real feed-back about what is modified inside the body under such a short or long lasting exposure.

The following is a Case Study describing what changes occur in the human body once MEF’s (magneto-electric frequencies) are balanced.

It is a study is of a man, 53 years old, living in Belgium, exposed to a large quantity of magneto-electric waves in the course of his work. (Reference:

The device used for the comparative measurements is called Dinamika. Here follows a summary of its properties and characteristics:

The Dinamika Technology

Dinamika is a heart rate variability instrument produced by the Dinamica company in St. Petersburg.


The practice of some treatments are nowadays characterized by an increased use of complex diagnostic devices. Special modern equipment provides opportunities to obtain an objective assessment of our state of health, make a quick prognosis of any changes in this condition and take decisions about medical help. The Dinamika instrument allows to check the changes in the bodies of any subject and they do so with an appropriate time selection.

Also the diagnostic equipment that is usually offered by the medical industry both in Russia and abroad is very expensive and the application takes a lot of effort. Examining one’s health by such complex devices most of the time requires going to the clinic or hospital – which is not always possible. Only people with specialized medical education and appropriate training can use such equipment. So introducing diagnostic technologies can not benefit the majority of those in need of medical assistance and help.


Advanced technology in action

Dinamika will provide people with a good opportunity to examine their health without unnecessary delay and make health development prognosis in such a way that saves both their time and energy.

Dinamika proposes to examine the physical functions of the subjects by analyzing in the first place the dynamics of heart rhythm variability. Many years of research have been needed to establish that all processes in a human organism are reflected in the changing activities of the heart rhythm.

Programs designed for Dinamika equipment are based on a new method of analyzing the biological rhythms of the human organism. Since 1997 this type of equipment has been successfully used in the clinical, practical and sports medicine sectors in Russia, Europe, the United States and South Korea.

It has become now extremely suitable for measuring the impact of electromagnetic waves from different devices on the biological, metabolic and energetic functioning of the human body.


Guaranties and standards

The method has been approved by the Health Department of the Russian Federation for medical purposes. It is protected by the patent of invention and the copyright certificates of the Russian Federation.

Dinamika has used the measurement standards, the manufacture of physiological evaluations and the clinical use of “cardio intervalometric” data adopted by the European Society of Cardiology and the North American Society of Step Measurement and “Electrophysiology”. The diagnostic equipment “Dinamika” meets the quality standard ISO 9001: 2000.

Comparative Graphs

  1. Upper table: classic electrocardiogram
  2. Intermediate Table: Rhythmogram (indicates the degree of Heart Rate Variability)The rhythmogram is a curve that represents the intervals between the points R-R – the number along the horizontal axis.
    The vertical axis – shows the duration of the interval in seconds. The RR-interval is a space of time between the heartbeats one after the other. The red color in the rhythmogram marks artifacts – extrasystoles and interference. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval.
  3. Fractal indicators of various systems of the organism:
    1. level of adaptation of organisms
    2. indicator (flashing) of vegetative function
    3. indicator (flashing) of hormonal regulation
    4. indicator (flashing) of psycho-emotional state Health
    5. indicator (flashing) of complex health

Before application of the 5GBioShield Key ( Sunday 6th October, 2019; 16:14:36 )

One hour after application of the 5GBioShield Key – ( Sunday 6th October, 2019; 17:39:02 )

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Health Summary

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Factal Analysis

The gerontological curve is the slowest biological rhythm of an organism. Its period is defined by the length of life and is 0 – 110 years old.

The curve consists of two parts, increasing and decreasing according to the resources. The ratio between the left and right sectors is equal to the ‘golden section’ of the parameters.

Our calendar age is measured by a watch outside our body, while our biological age – by our internal clock bodies. People may be younger or older than their current age. The reasons for this are most often genetic. Hence, the actual age of a person is not something related to time spent since birth, but rather to factors characterized by his vitality. The vitality of the body is indeed the true definition of the biological age. Biological Age – is the measure of the body and its disintegration system during the aging process.

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Cerebral Activity

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Hormonal & Energetic Regulation

  1. NEURO-HORMONAL REGULATION: The neurodynamic matrix – a complete biorhythm of organs established by a The separate elements of the matrix are the rhythms of the parts of organisms. The color of each element determines the degree to which these rhythms meet universal laws and how living nature works. The Hormonal Control Indicator shows the degree to which organisms and functional parameters meet the ‘golden ratio’ requirements.
  2. ‘Pyramid of Energy’ characterizes the energy balance of an organism and its The blue pyramid is proportional to the energy accumulation phase; the red pyramid at the energy consumption phase.

The ratio between the two zones defines the energy balance. The complete place of the pyramid – its energy resources.

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Tension & Vegetative Balance Index

  1. THE TENSION INDEX – characterizes the degree of tension of myocardia – the muscle of the heart.
  2. THE VEGETATIVE BALANCE INDEX – defines the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the vegetative nervous system.

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Aura radiation

The radius of the aura (bio-photon emission, according to the researches of Prof Fritz Albert Poppreview PDF here) is measured through the heart variability algorithms, before and after activation of the 5GBioShield key.

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Chakra Summary

The word chakra (sometimes spelled cakra) means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. In the practice of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, chakras are energy centers. According to this traditional medicine, there would be seven main chakras located along the spine. They would be connected to each other by channels (or nadis), in which the vital energy (or prana) flows.

Although they are not visible, these energy centers or ‘energy wheel’ do have an influence on the main organs of the body. Their level of activity can now be assessed by the Dinamika through specific algorythms using fractal and holographic representations.

Before and after the application of the 5GBioShield Key: Meridian Summary

Meridians in traditional Chinese medicine are channels of the human body, interconnected, through which qi / chi, the vital energy of the body. There are several types related to the theories of Anma, Yin and Yang and the five elements.

The reality of their existence and their level of power can be now assessed with the Dinamika.

P = Meridian of the lungs

GI = Meridian of the large Intestine

E = Meridian of the stomach

RP = Meridian of the spleen (and Pancreas)

C = Meridian of the heart

GI = Meridian of the Small Intestine

V = Meridian of the bladder

R = Meridian of the kidneys

MC = Meridian of the pericardium

TR = Meridian of the triple burner (San Jiao)

VB = Meridian of the gall bladder

F = Meridian of the liver


One can see, from the comparative results above, that Heart Rate Variability parameters are strongly modified in the presence of the 5GBioShield USB key; the statistical coefficients are marked and demonstrate the general improvement of the human organism at all levels measured when he (she) is no longer subject to the harmful effect of ambient electric fields.